tisdag 3 september 2013

Mitt dop

Okej, jag la just upp ett inlägg där jag tjatade om att det var sent. Och nu sitter jag ändå här och skriver ett nytt. Ja, så kan det gå.
    Alltså jag kommer aldrig isäng i tid på kvällarna. Det blir alltid senare än jag tänkt mig. Att skriva det här inlägget hjälper iochförsig inte.
    I alla fall så har vi haft en uppgift på engelskan "Catch the moment" som handlar om att just fånga ett ögonblick. Det var så länge sedan jag publicerade en novell eller något här, så jag tänkte att jag kanske kunde publicera den här. Den kommer handla om mitt dop och Baptism är då dop och baptized är döpas / döpt (typ)


My Baptism

by:Kimberly Stenlund

I’m now going to tell you about a very special moment in my life. When I got baptized.
We had all come together on the beach of Gotland for a special reason. Me and four others was going to get baptized....

I sat down on the round stones and breathed in the smell of seaweed. In front of me was the ocean and behind me my confirmation group. 
    The wind was playing in my hair and out on the sea, close the horizon, there was a sailing boat. I don’t know why, but I just could not take my eyes of it. 
    The whole day - actually the whole week and even before that - I had been nervous for this moment. Worrying about what would happen and so on. Maybe that´s silly of me, going around and worrying about one little moment. But the fact is, this wasn't just a little tiny moment in my life. This was a big one, something I would remember for a long time. Something that just happens to you once, and I just wanted it special.
    The priest was saying some words, talking about Jesus, and why we are getting baptized, but I wasn't listening so clearly. Now after, I have no idea what he was saying, but maybe that isn't so important.
    We sang a song and one of the leaders read a text. 
    For some reason I picked up one of the many stones around me. It was white and very smooth. The rest of the ceremony I were holding it in my hand. I guess I just wanted a memory from all of this. Something to hold on to. 
    Now I it just felt silly that I ever been nervous for this moment. Something just felt so right about all of it. It felt special. I felt special
    The priest asked us to step down in the water. Me and the rest who was going to get baptized raised up, and we all walked down to the water. We stepped down and created a circle. And one, and one, the priest was pouring water on our heads. Tree times. In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. 
    We stepped out of the water and sat down on the beach again. We sang a song and read a prayer. 
And that was it. I was a Christian.
    I’t may not seams like something special, but for me it were a very big moment that I will carry with me in my life for a long time. 

    To me, it was 

©by: Kimberly Stenlund 2013


Kommentera gärna vad ni tycker, och jag vet att min engelska inte direkt är perfekt...men men

Ha det gott igelkott

psssst: Bjuder på två bilder från dopet också :) (Jag är hon i blått haha)

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